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earth turtle mascot saying hello

I'm Tina

@Earth Turtle

Get to know me here!

Hi, my name is Tina and I am the founder of Earth Turtle. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Earth Turtle and getting to know the people behind it.

I have been asked a few questions so you can easily get to know me.

Founder Tina on a marine deris initiative at Michaelmas Cay on the Great Barrier Reef

About Me

A small village in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire... yes the United Kingdom. 

Robin Hood country! 

I started as a backpacker travelling the world. I spent 4 incredible years exploring New Zealand and then I decided to fly over the ditch to Australia!

I had always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef. When I arrived in Cairns, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was, surrounded by tropical rainforest and so much wildlife! It was better than I had ever imagined!

I started working at a beautiful backpacker hostel and met a guy (yes I know), I learnt to Scuba Dive and started volunteering at a Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, all my dreams came true!

Sir David Attenborough. I have watched his documentaries since I can remember, his animal encounters and adventures were inspiring and still are!

Some Fun Questions!

That’s a good question. I have a few, but my all time favourite has to be a Spicy Vegan Laksa!

A refreshing lemon, lime & bitters with lot’s of ice!
If it’s a special occasion, Ballantines on the rocks.

Swimming, Yoga and Body Combat

I have three animals that are close to my heart. Sea Turtles, Orangutans & Elephants.

Scuba Diving and Snowboarding.

Queenstown, New Zealand. The adventure capital of the world!

My dream is to go on an African Safari.

To inspire others to go plastic-free and palm-oil free and do what I can for our wild animals, oceans and rainforests.

Got any questions for Tina?

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